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Our School

Welcome to Fairfield Park Lower School, where staff, pupils, parents and carer’s are nurtured and supported through our strong pastoral ethos.  We care passionately about our community and the welfare of all stakeholders; this is embedded into all our practices.  We have a thriving PTA, and parent helper group, as well as a staff social committee; we are a ‘People Place’ where we learn and grow together; we are proud that we are an emotionally intelligent school.  We have excellent facilities for staff, pupils and our local community; we have a thriving extended community involving a range of lettings and provision including a breakfast and after school club.


Fairfield Park school was established in 2007 at Dickens Boulevard and has constantly evolved and expanded over the last ten years and is used to managing change.  We have had staff stability in that process and grown staff each year as we have expanded.  This ensures that we have creative, fun, secure staff which create enthusiastic happy and well-rounded learners. Our second site, Ruskin Drive was opened in 2018 with three classes, increasing the size of our provision initially to a 3FE and potentially to a 4FE over time.

Our Ethos

We are committed to providing children with a high quality education in a secure and nurturing setting.  Our inspiring curriculum and dedicated staff provide quality engaging learning environments and a range of enrichment opportunities. High expectations enable pupils to achieve quality learning outcomes ensuring all pupils have a solid foundation block and love of learning.  At the heart of everything we do is achievement, progress, challenge, inspiration, engagement, enjoyment and innovation.  We aim to prepare our young pupils for life in a rapidly changing technologically driven global society. Everyone at Fairfield Park is respected and valued and there is equal opportunity for all.  Discipline is based upon care for each other and positive reinforcement.  Pupils contribute to shaping the school ethos through the School Council and Eco Council and achievements are shared and celebrated.  


Fairfield Park Lower School is currently a three-form entry lower school,accross two sites, Dickens Boulevard and Ruskin Drive. We provide education for children in Year Groups: Nursery – Year 4.  In addition, we have an established independent pre-school (age 2+) on the school site at Dickens.  We are now one school but based in two locations, reflecting the same ethos and mirroring the excellent provision for which Fairfield Park is known.  Ultimately, pupil numbers will be 600+ across the school when we expand to a four-form entry, with a full range of extended services. 


Primary Expansion

We will be expanding to a primary school in September 2023 on both sites.  Both will still cater for Reception to Year 6.  Dickens currently have a Nursery attached that is open, Ruskin Drive has the facility for a Nursery to be attached and this will be open when there is a demand in the local community.

The leadership team including the governing body are already planning for this 2023 expansion and we already have staff that are skilled at teaching in upper Key Stage 2.  Subject Leaders; have mapped the curriculum provision and progression of skills in each subject area.  Training; development and upskilling has started in this area with a clear strategy in place.

More information on the Primary agenda will follow in due course and communicated to our parents and local community at each stage.