Pupil awards

Pupil Awards are celebrated throughout the year.

On a daily basis children are praised and all adults use stickers or values gems to promote academic achievements and the value/ethos of our school.

On a weekly basis 'Good News' is celebrated in Monday morning assemblies with the Head Teacher. This promotes good attitudes to learning and celebrates success.

Any adult in school can nominate any pupil.

'Super Citizenship' is also celebrated on a weekly basis. Pupils are nominated who show the values and attitudes of a good citizenship and will have afternoon tea with Mrs Stone - Head Teacher.

Each Friday 'Golden Time' is celebrated. This celebrates their successes of the week. Each class votes for a reward that they can complete together. Sanctions can be used to remove Golden Time if pupils do not follow Safety or our Golden Rules or values and respect for staff and pupils.

'Special Assemblies' are celebrated each month, the whole school meet together from Nursery to Yr 4 to celebrate academic achievement and show / share work that they have completed in class. This work is displayed in our Art Gallery, so all visitors/parents can view the work of our learners.

Values Shield’ is celebrated each half term in assemblies, pupils collect values gems for their class and these are collected in gem pots. The winning gem pot wins the whole school shield and earns the privilege of displaying the shield on their class door and they gain additional Golden Time. Gems have to be earned by showing the school values to each other, pupils, visitors and their family (home slips celebrate values in the community)

'Artist of the Month' is selected from a class. Their art work is framed, mounted and displayed in our lobby to show all visitors our flair and talent as an Artist.

Termly - 'Letters of Commendation' are written to parents expressing our pleasure at having their child achieve outstanding recognition for his/her effort during the term, these children possess all the qualities we strive for at Fairfield Park.

Attendance is also celebrated each term and attendance certificates are given out to children who achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold percentages for attendance.

Throughout the year we hold both in house and external competitions e.g. Handwriting Competition, Poetry Recital, Spelling Festivals.

Annually we celebrate 'Sports Day', the winning team collects the Sports Day Cup which is dressed with their team colours. A selection of individuals from sports day is also rewarded with Sportsmanship medals, these medals are given to pupils who show great citizenship and effort on Sports Day.

'Fairfield's Got Talent' is an activity we celebrate each year. We encourage all children to take part and pupils can work as individuals or as part of a team to show the rest of the school their unique talent. The winner is presented with the Fairfield's Got Talent trophy, a certificate and small trophy to take home.