School Council

Our elected School Councillors for this year are:

  • E Brown - Badgers
  • E Hamilton - Hedgehogs
  • D Wilding - Turtles
  • R Patching - Robins
  • E Foster - Swans
  • A Long - Seahorses
  • E Marshall - Otters
  • M Blake - Foxes
  • M Roberts - Kingfishers
  • O Clarke - Kestrels

The councillors carry out inspections of the classrooms and cloakrooms each week and award Tidy Ted to the tidiest class. We hold termly cake sales to raise money for resources in school, thank you parents for your cake donations.

Roles have now been assigned and all School Councillers have already been given badges to wear daily:

Chair - O Clarke
Vice Chair - M Roberts
Treasurers - R Patching & E Foster
Secretary - D Wilding and E Brown
Sport - M Blake and E Hamilton
Eco - E Marshall and A Long