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School Money - Online Payments

Fairfield Park Lower School is delighted to announce that we are now in a position to offer the facility for parents to make payments online for school activities such as school dinners, school trips and clubs! The system is being implemented in phases starting with Year 4, we will inform you accordingly.

Please click here for a copy of the introductry letter.

To log into SchoolMoney please visit, click sign in which is located in the top right hand corner, click the last menu option – schoolmoney parent login. Then, enter your mobile number starting +44, email address, child’s first name and your password. 

Once you have received your text and email which will contain a link and password to setup your childs account, if you need further assistance please take a look at the parents guide - Parents Guide.

If you need a password reminder please email and we will re-issue your password.

School money has recently joined forces with Eduspot, the services offered will remain the same.

To view the new website and access your account please visit the Eduspot website sign in to your right and select SchoolMOney Parent Login - all login details remain the same.